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Laga Industries Limited is best known in PNG for its Gala brand of ice cream, which is an iconic brand for many throughout PNG. As an extension of our ice cream business Laga Industries is also a major manufacturer of high quality ice cream cones in the country.

Powdered dairy drinks such as our ‘Gala Whole Cream Milk Powder’, and the popular ‘Gala Burst’, a chocolate malt flavoured vitamin enriched powdered drink –are distributed across the country, providing people with basic, affordable and nutritional commodities.

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Tropical Oasis Click here to download a copy of the Laga 2018 Product Catalogue

2018 will see our ‘Tropical Oasis’ becomeLaga Tropical Oasis - Supporting Cancer Foundation a vehicle for community support, as we partner up with the PNG Cancer Foundation and our water label dons the recognisable pink ribbon for a three month period. A percentage of all sales will be donated to the PNG Cancer Foundation to support their plight to spread women’s cancer awareness throughout the nation.

Laga Industries Product Catalogue