Laga Industries is committed to observing the highest standards of corporate governance and ethical standards. This philosophy is reflected in the following areas

Laga Industries is committed to ensuring that it meets or surpasses legal and regulatory requirements for environmental best practices. We employ the latest in technology ensuring that the purchase of any new plant or machinery is weighted up against any potential impact it may have on the environment.

Community Relations:
Laga Industries continues to work closely with the communities in which we operate. Gala Ice Cream is an iconic brand for many though out PNG as a result of this we constantly receive requests for donations. We regularly donate cash or products such as our ice creams to organisations working with children, in hospitals and various sporting and church groups. Much of this effort is committed quietly, behinds the scenes, and attracts little, if any publicity for us.

Staff Training and Development:
Laga Industries is committed to the development of its citizen staff. We adopt a culture of equally employment and opportunity that seeks to promote citizens from within. There are some cases where expatriate staffs are still required and in a majority of these cases; these positions have been filled by candidates that were born in the country and have a firm commitment not only the PNG but its people. Laga Industries is dedicated to building a strong, long term work force for the future.

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Laga Industries vision is to be a manufacturer of products of excellence that ensure total customer satisfaction.

1975: The Company was formed by Messerís Phil Frame and Harry Gotaha and was known as Goroka Softdrink Company Pty Limited.

1980: The Collins and Leahy Group acquired the Gotaha shares. This new partnership resulted in a name change to the current Laga Industries and the company began to diversify which saw the introduction of ice cream manufacturing.

1997: The company was relocated from Goroka to West Taraka in Lae. The re-location to Lae was necessary for the future expansion and development as a truly nation-wide supplier of quality food products. The ultra modern purpose built factory was opened in October 1997 at West Taraka.

2005: The Collins and Leahy group sold its shares to the Steamships Trading Company. The company acquired the adjoining property hence increasing land size to over 4 hectares and factory / warehouse floor space of over 6,500 square meters. Laga successfully commissioned a PET plant and 15 Litre jerry can machine to meet the growing demands of its business.

2007: Port Moresby depot has been demolished to make way for a new ultra modern purpose built warehouse. The latest in freezer technology and warehouse design is being incorporated into the building which is expected to be completed by early 2008.

As always operating a business within PNG presents a number of logistical and operational issues that are both unique and challenging.

As we continue to expand and develop the business we continually look to ways we can improve and become more efficient to ensure a higher standard of products and service are delivered to the market place.

The new warehouse for Port Moresby to be completed early 2008 and will provide 1,500 sq meters of freezer and dry warehouse space. This will vastly improve our holding capacity and minimize stock out situations that occur due to external factors such as transportation delays.

Laga Industries will be employing satellite technology (VSAT) from late 2007 to ensure that we have a dedicated line of communication for our phone, fax and email systems. This step was necessitated as the government owned telecommunications provider Telecom was unable to provide a consistent service due to external factors.

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