We are proud of our involvement in the PNG Community. We support our National staff and both their growth and that of their families is important to us. June 2018 saw Laga Industries Acquired by Paradise Company Ltd, owned by Nambawan Super Ltd.

Laga Industries is very proud to be 100% PNG owned, our direction has not changed, we continue to invest in our people, and our mission remains firm. This is "The LAGA Way" and we aspire to it in all of our processes, production, staff and customer interactions, PLUS in all of our in-house Staff Training and Development Programs.

We provided it in both English and Tok Pisin - as it is important to us that ALL of our staff understand our Mission and Values.  

The Laga Way

Mission: To be regarded as PNG’s premier Consumer Foods business by consumers, customers, distributors, suppliers and shareholders

We value:



Taking Responsibility


Responsiveness and Flexibility

“First Class” Customer Service


Our rules:

The safety of our people is paramount

We take responsibility to ensure that the quality of our products is never compromised

We take responsibility for open and timely communication with all stakeholders

We choose growth opportunities even when times are tough

We reward a “fix it now” attitude

We take ownership of challenges and opportunities

We will not rest until we are #1

Laga will empower our people

We want our people to be respected and cared for – in turn, our people will respect and care for Laga and its products