Laga Industries has four core product divisions:

  • Ice Cream and Related Freezer/Dairy Products
  • Beverages
  • Vegetable Oils
  • Condiments and Seasonings

Laga Industries Limited is best known in PNG for its Gala brand of ice cream, which is an iconic brand for many throughout PNG. As an extension of our ice cream business Laga Industries is also a major manufacturer of high quality ice cream cones in the country.

Powdered dairy drinks such as our ‘Gala Whole Cream Milk Powder’, and the popular ‘Gala Burst’, a chocolate malt flavoured vitamin enriched powdered drink –are distributed across the country, providing people with basic, affordable and nutritional commodities.

Our Powdered drinks, ‘Kool R’, ‘Kool O’ and ‘Sunripe’ are a well welcomed thirst quenching accompaniment to any meal, and often used in many unconventional methods, such as flavouring for frosting on cakes and muffins, or even as delicious tangy fruit salad or ice cream toppings!

Our Oils, ‘Highland Meadows’ Vegetable Oil and ‘Laga’ Vegetable Oil are rated by locals as the two premier brands found throughout PNG. Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre sizes. ‘Laga’ Vegetable Oil also comes in a 15 litre jerry can. These distinctive and prized yellow jerry cans can be seen being recycled as water containers, all over the country.

Laga Stik is one of the most sought after icy cold – refreshing frozen treats in PNG. Recently, the product has shifted to a more pliable, environmentally friendly squeeze pouch, but the traditional well-loved contents and ingredients remain exactly the same.

Our other famous frozen treat includes the ever popular T-Shake, well known as a large 230ml frozen milkshake, often shared between 2 or 3 people,  due to popular demand, the product range will be expanding to include a “Lik Lik” T-Shake, a 100ml treat for the little ones to love and enjoy! 

Our crystal clear ‘Tropical Oasis Purified Water’, collected from the natural water tables found deep beneath the aquifers in the lush Morobean terrain is gaining considerable market share, as those who try it – testify to its clean, refreshing taste and impeccable quality.

Our condiments and seasonings range are well recognised. Our ‘Egg Yellow’, Baking Powders, ‘Kulau’ Coconut Powder, ‘Star of India’ Curry Powder and ‘Majesty’ Cooking Margarine are trusted brands found in most households throughout the country. Our products are packed to cater for both the domestic and industrial markets.

Our network of sales staff though out the country allows us to effectively distribute a wide range of imported, and packed and locally manufactured products.